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 If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Ignacio Estrada


Hello, my name is Tristan. I am 12 years old. I am a year 8 Head Boy at Ficino School, but I am also a university maths student at the University of Auckland. I have been self-studying and sitting the Cambridge International Exams since I was nine. I have completed the Cambridge maths exam (A2 / year 13 Level) last year with the highest grade A*.  

Here you can watch videos where I will be going through topics strand by strand, i.e. you learn one topic, say triangles, then you go up this strand and cap off with trigonometry. This was the way I explored maths and it enabled me to cover all the maths curriculum from year 1 to year 13 before the age of 5. You will be surprised how quick and how easy you can grasp the concept by this vertical way of learning. And did anyone tell me to do it this way? No! I was just curious about this funny stuff and kept exploring. At that time (I think I was only two!!), I knew nothing about what year 1, year 2…year 13 meant. I ignore these year levels and keep exploring upwards. This is the reason why I won’t specify the year levels in my videos to remove your psychological barriers. I could do it, so, I am sure you can do it too. Maths is fun!

The first topic might be a basic level. The last topic should be at the level of year 13, but…DO NOT freak out as I will go through this very slowly and…the length of each video is only about 5 minutes!!! So what are you waiting for? Browse through the menu above!!!!!

At the moment, I have uploaded a few triangle lessons in the Geometry section.  I will keep uploading from time to time. You will see “Circles & Ovals”, “Quadrilateral”, and others in the Geometry section. You will also see more mathematical strands: Algebra, Numbers, Statistics, Measurement.

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And one more thing, if you want to know more about me, click the picture on your right to view my other website ( ) —-→  You can also find other things like my writings (I am not only a maths or science person, I also like writing, philosophy, literature…etc.), strategic games,and fun and inspirational stuff. 



This is a montage of lessons 1, 6, and 30 in the triangles series. It will allow you to experience my approach to teaching maths.


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