The Theory of Everything – String Theory

The Theory of Everything/String Theory is one of the most important but complicated concepts in physics which unified everything in the universe.

This discovery is important as it explains how, what and why all matter is what it is. It changed our understanding of everything and is crucial to our view of the universe. It’s not just a theory, but it’s a solution to problems in different areas of physics. Students of all ages should learn about it as this is strongly related to our future and can ultimately improve our world.

Science Wars

The video is about Pseudoscience, Pathological Science, Bad Science, and Science Communications… Turmoil of Pseudoscience, Pathological Science and Bad Science have engulfed the galaxy. Companies, politicians, journalists, researchers proclaimed their crooked scientific findings to the general public.

The Roles of Scientists on Climate Change

Author: Tristan Pang, 7th December, 2014

Venturing into an Unknown World – A short story about Climate Change

Author: Tristan Pang, 8th October, 2016

The Map of Physics

I saw this interesting video on Youtube Dominic Walliman‘s channel…

Gravitational Waves Are Awesome

Again, it’s from Dominic Walliman. Awesome…

Interactive Periodic Table

Here’s a very cool interactive Periodic Table (full size at